Rose Hill Mens Bowls Club - Honours
2000 Onwards


2018 J Lowe B Amos M Breeden D Walker
2017 J Lowe K Jackson M Breeden D Walker
2016 J Lowe D Davies M Breeden D Walker
2015 T Merryweather M White B Chambers M Breeden
2014 T Merryweather M White J Lowe M Breeden
2013 T Merryweather B Chambers J Lowe M Breeden
2012 D Davies A May J Lowe M Breeden
2011 K Graham D Davies J Lowe M Breeden
K Jackson
M Breeden
J Lowe
M White
T Merryweather
D Davies
J Lowe
M Breeden
T Merryweather
K Graham
J Lowe
M Breeden
E Eccleston
K Jackson
T Smart
M Breeden
E Eccleston
K Graham
T Smart
M Breeden
B Shipton
R Bishop
S Preece
M Breeden
B Shipton
R Bishop
T Smart
M Breeden
K Graham
R Bishop
T Smart
M Breeden
2002 S Preece K Graham T Smart R Spooner
2001 S Preece E Sliney T Smart R Spooner
2000 R Fitch K Graham S Preece R Spooner
Year Match Secretary Champion Handicap Junior Champion
2018 M White J Dobbe M White T Loughlin
2017 M White J Melham D Walker J Dobbe
2016 M White J Melham J Melham D Walker
2015 M White D Davies D Davies R Porter
2014 M White P Wenmouth D Davies M Breeden
2013 M White P Wenmouth P Wenmouth C Phipp
2012 M White P Wenmouth D Davies J Thorn
2011 M White M Alexander J Melham P Wenmouth
2010 M White D Davies D Brien D Brien
2009 M White D Davies G Clark B Chambers
2008 M White J Melham J Melham M White
2007 M White B Shipton D Davies G Clark
2006 R Shimell B Shipton E Ball K Graham
2005 R Shimell T Mansell T Mansell K Jackson
2004 R Shimell G Dorey R Bishop T Mansell
2003 R Shimell T McFadden R Bishop A Farrington
2002 R Shimell T McFadden E Ball A Kent
2001 P Shioleftou E Ball T Mansell R Shimell
2000 F Gee J Mrazek T Mansell G Dorey
Drawn Pairs
2 Woods 3 Woods
2018 B Amos L Griffin L Griffin D Walker
2017 M Alexander D Walker D Davies D Walker
2016 J Thorn J White G Dorey D Davies
2015 J White J Lowe W Pickering D Walker
2014 M Alexander P Wenmouth T Loughlin P Wenmouth
2013 M White D Brien W Pickering J Melham
2012 P Wenmouth J Lowe D Davies D Brien
2011 K Taylor N Jack K Jackson K Taylor
2010 D Davies D Brien D Brien G Dorey
2009 K Taylor G Clark D Davies D Davies
2008 K Taylor C Pyett P Wenmouth J Melham
2007 K Taylor A Farrington K Jackson J Mrazek
2006 T Smart J Mrazek D Davies J Mrazek
2005 K Taylor K Jackson R White G Dorrey
2004 R Bishop R Fox B Shipton R Shimell
2003 B Shipton A Farrington R Bishop T Mansell
2002 R Climpson R Fox K Jackson B Shipton
2001 E Eccleston T Mansell E Eccleston R Kingsford
2000 G Patterson H Bateman R Bishop R Bishop
Year Short Jack 101
Mixed Pairs
2018 T Tomriz D Walker A Singleton J Dobbe
2017 D Walker M Alexander N/A N/A
2016 M Alexander B Amos N/A N/A
2015 J Thorn D Walker N/A N/A
2014 D Davies B Chambers C Chambers M Alexander
2013 R Porter D Walker N/A N/A
2012 D Davies D Davies C Chambers M White
2011 G Dorey P Wenmouth Mrs E Graham M Alexander
2010 F Harding B Chambers    
Year Len Bish Trophy      
2018 M Alexander      
2017 D Davies      
2016 D Walker      
2015 L Griffin      
2014 K Graham      
2013 J Thorn      
2012 D Davies      
2011 D Davies      
2010 J Thorn      
2009 D Davies      
2008 P Wenmouth      
2007 J Mrazek (Reg League)      
Year Special Honours
2017 Tons League
2016 Tons League
2014 Sutton & District BA Arthur Hughes Triples Winners (Bob Chambers, Peter Wenmouth & Don Davies)
2014 Surrey Top 4 County Finalists (Bob Chambers, Michael White, Peter Wenmouth & Don Davies)
2014 Surrey Top 4 Area 1 Winners (Bob Chambers, Michael White, Peter Wenmouth & Don Davies)
2013 Runners up in the Sutton & Epsom League
2011 The Dick Douglas Shield
2008 Tons League
2007 The Dick Douglas Shield
2005 The Dick Douglas Shield
2004 The Dick Douglas Shield
2003 The Dick Douglas Shield