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7th January 2018 aged 85

20th June 2017 aged 85

21st February 2016 aged 90

Ted Smart was a lovely jovial man, always ready for a chat. I didn't know him until the late 80s when he retired as a fitter on London Transport Buses & came to work at the Institute of Cancer Research as a storeman and we often had a lunchtime drink and chat at the club there. Doris Fitch was a telephonist at the Institute, and she also got to know Ted well.
Ted had bowled in many clubs including London Transport and I think he was President of North Cheam Club at one time. He was a popular member of Rose Hill, and made light of his health problems, always saying "I'm alright" in a happy & positive manner when he was asked how he was feeling.
Ted had been a Navy man and he kept this association going by meeting monthly with "The Old Seadogs" in Wallington where many a yarn was told as the rum was passed around! His popularity there was shown at his funeral where their flag covered his coffin and a standard was carried in front of the cortege.
His funeral at Sittingbourne, was attended by his family and his many friends. The service was just as he would have wished, a celebration of a happy man's life. His daughter Jane had organised everything and was so pleased that she given up her job to look after him in his final months and had spent such a precious time with him.
Ted, a very lovely man who will be sadly missed.
Ted M

1st March 2015 aged 75

Doris joined Rosehill Ladies in 2006 and quickly involved herself in anyway she could in being a really great member of the club. She was on three occasions Captain and also served as Vice Captain on the committee.
Doris regularly played matches and her catering skills were known throughout both the ladies and mens sections of the club.
Sylvia B

Very famous for her bread puddings amongst the men and a good bowler. I enjoyed our games in the mixed pairs a few years ago. The image above is from the 2014 Invitation Day Event where the ladies committee dressed up and served the guests with food and drink.
Bob C

6th December 2014 aged 83

I believe Eric was a founder member of Colliers Wood Bowls Club and had played for several clubs in the South West London and North East Surrey areas over many years. He was an exceptional club bowler with a great sense of humour. Although suffering from kidney failure he endeavoured to attend the club as often as possible and we were all very grateful for his continuous support and tea making during the time that he could not bowl. Although his death was not unexpected, in view of his long term illness, we were all saddened by his departure.
Eric's son Paul gave 2 anecdotes at the funeral service.
His family owned a scrapyard which caught fire. Eric had trained a guard dog so well that it did not allow anyone or the firemen on the premises until the yard was burnt to the ground.
He managed to obtain work as a milkman but was given a float with a horse rather than the nice new battery operated vehicle. One day he popped into a betting shop and came out to find the horse laying on the ground. He phoned the depot and informed them that the horse was dead. They said they would send someone out. Eric went back outside and the horse and float were gone. He was told by nearby people that the horse had got up and walked away. He found out later that the horse suffered from sleeping sickness and had returned to the depot.
When my wife and I started bowling in the early evenings 9 years ago with a couple of other new members, Eric and the late Tom McFadden were often the only other members at the club. They would always make us tea and have a chat which was very welcoming.
Bob C

9th August 2014 aged 99

Ivy was a devoted tea lady for the mens club for many years.
Her slender small frame often worried players when she lifted the large heavy tea pot.I remember towards the latter years she occassionally wobbled and once spilt tea from the mug over a players legs. Fortunately he was wearing shorts and was not burnt. Question was did she stumble or was someones foot in the way, we never found out. Either way we all had a good laugh about it.
Bob C

Peggy Bailey - 1929 to 2014

12th December 2013 aged 69

Derek in his last year of bowling outdoors played skip in most of the league matches, although we could see he was deteriorating as his illness worsened over the summer. As I was Captain in 2013 I asked him on several occassions whether he felt fit enough to play but he insisted on doing so and contributed to a successful season. He was a determind player who so loved the game.
We will miss him for his humour and playing ability.
Bob C

Pat was determined to win the Junior Championship in 2013; if successful he would have been the oldest known in the club passing Albert Farrington who won it aged 82. Unfortunately Pat played a very good game but was runner up in the final.
He was a good capable player who could play in any position although often was used as lead during the latter years as he was generally very accurate putting the opposition under pressure right from the start.
His sense of humour was interesting as it was fairly sarcastic which I loved as the banter on and off the green made the days quite enjoyable. It also has to be said that he had a side that was quite sharp so you needed to know when you were pushing him a bit too far.
I enjoyed the odd morning roll ups with him as they were rarely easy and made me try harder than I would normally in practice sessions.
Bob C

Unfortunately when Eric & Doreen joined Rosehill Bowls Club she was already very ill and did not participate in games as much as she would have liked. However she did come along to support Eric and the ladies club as often as she could.
Prior to joining our club she played at Sutton Common where she won several internal competitions and once came runner up in a very hard fought championship final.

Roy White Friday 08 March 2013

Roy was a big man with a big heart. He and his wife Mickey looked after the catering for the bowling club for a number of seasons. Roy looking after the supply of provisions and Mickey serving the teas. Roy was always willing to help out but did so in a quiet way, as was his nature. Consequently Roy never served or wished to be a member of the club "committee".
Roy was an excellent lead bowler and his name was always one of the first on the team sheet. His expertise as a lead was also recognised later on the "short" mat at the Thomas Wall centre. He loved his cars but planned his route to away club matches so that he made as few right turns as possible, this made him take a longer journey, but he was never late for a match.
Sorely missed, leaving fond memories.
Keith G

Roger Harwood Friday 08 March 2013

Many of our club members will have been saddened to hear of the passing of Roger. He was a reliable member with a ready smile and if playing in a mixed match a saucy quip for the ladies.
He was a very generous and likeable person. People who knew him may think of him whilst sitting on the bench he donated several years ago.
J Pavier

He once said "I have donated the bench as I might not have time to do it later".
Bob C

Betty joined Rosehill in 1989 and served on the committee for 21 years. She was Captain 1991 & 1992, President 1993 & 1994, Vice Captain 1995, Captain 1996, Competition Secretary 1998 to 2010 and President 2011 & 2012.
She was our delegate to the Sutton and District Association from 1992 to 2013 and was President of the association in 1999.
As a qualified club coach she taught many new players the rudiments of the game.
Some of her many trophies included 14 for winning and 19 as runner up for club competitions.
In 2004 she was part of the Rosehill Team that won the Surrey 4's competition which then represented Surrey in the all England finals at Leamington Spa. Winning the Surrey 4's was a first and winning a game at Leamington Spa was an even better achievement by our team. Betty obtained her Surrey badge and went on to play numerous games for the county.
2012 saw Betty and Anne entering the Sutton and District Kay Tanners Pairs. Unfortunaltely she had an operation but a substitute was found and the preliminary rounds were completed. The semi-finals saw the original pair back in action winning by one shot on the 21st end. The final game was very close and was won by Betty and Anne watched by many Rosehill supporters.
Anne S

Over the last few years Betty had battled many health issues but was very persistent and always put maximum effort and determination into her game.
Bob C

Harold Johnson January 2013

Joined Rosehill a few years ago as the bus stop was close enough for him to walk to the green.
Parkinsons is a cruel disease.
He was a good player who predominately played roll ups rather than matches.
Bob C

Paul and his wife Patricia were both playing members of Rosehill and Sutton bowling clubs.
Paul was not very competitive and consequently did not enter many competitions.
He did however reach the final of the Junior Championship, this was scheduled to be played as the last game of the last day of the club finals.
It turned out to be a very long and close game, it was very dark and cold and most of the spectators had given up and gone home. The final score was 21-20 but I still cannot remember who won.
Paul loved his old Mercedes car and was almost insistent in wanting to give fellow bowlers lifts to away matches, the only problem was that he took little notice of red lights. This may have been because of his failing eyesight, but we did not realise this till a lot later.
Paul loved people and even when his sight had almost disappeared he would make his own way to the club crossing traffic, such was his determination to meet friends.
He would sit at the end of the rink and ask "who's holding" ?
I think he may be still be asking the same question.
Rest in Peace Paul..........Winter Well.
Keith G

Diane Gill - April 2012

Ladies treasurer for many years a hard working club member that will be missed.

Dick Sisson - October 2011

I don't think I ever met Dick but I know he had undergone coaching and was looking forward to his first full season in 2012 which unfortunately never happened.
Bob C

My first meeting with Albert was when I started bowling and our offspring and mother in law played on the green and he sat and watched us. The many years since that I have known him he has always been a bit of a laugh and the type of bowler all clubs need, pleasant natured and nice to be with.
In 2007 aged 90 he won the Mens Pairs competition with Ken Taylor which is quite an achievement for someone his age as it can be a feat of endurance as much as it is a game of skill.
Bob C

Fred Harding - April 2011

A very likable quiet man who in his latter years perfected his game for short jack competitions and was very difficult to beat.
Bob C

Tom McFadden - January 2010

A very good club bowler with a famous boy band connection. Extremely good at drawing to the jack.
In our early days Tom was very encouraging to us evening bowlers and the cups of tea made the game a nice social event.
Bob C

Ray & Pat Shimmel - Passed away in 2009 and 2010

Ray and Patricia joined the Club in 2001. Both were keen and supportive members, Ray was Vice Captain and Patricia was Ladies Captain for a number of seasons. Ray, a lifelong Fulham Football supporter. Football on occasion, would take precedence over bowls, always a hard decision. However, if unable to attend a home game, he was generous in offering a grateful Club Member his season ticket.
They were a truly a devoted couple, eternal sweethearts was a term often used to describe them.
Patricia nursed Ray throughout his final months. After his death, she had the strength of spirit to return to the Club and her beloved Bowls, enjoying just a couple of weeks into the new season, before being diagnosed with a serious illness, she died 6 months later.
A Mixed Inter Club League Competition has been named in their memory.
Both are sadly missed, may they forever Rest In Peace. Ray's season ticket was donated to the club for members use.
Proceeds from their financial donations have been used to improve the mens changing area and the ladies wash room.
Keith G
The Shimmel League was set up in 2011 and is played on Friday evenings during the mid-summer months.

Eric Eccleston - 2009

President on two occasions although the first spell was a time of poor health for him.
A bowler who strongly believed that beginners should play lead for several years before progressing.
Bob C

Len Bish - 2008

I first met Len in the year I started bowling when my wife and I watched the finals in 2005. I sat next to Len and he jumped up went to the pavilion and returned with a cup of tea and a plate of food for me. That was Len all through kind and a good laugh.
My distinct memories of him are when in a friendly his skip was to the side talking Len shouted to him where do you want the jack. Skip moved to the place and then went back for a chat. Len was picking up his wood, turned and promptly bowled his wood right to the skips toes just inside the green on the right.
On another occasion I was picking up my bowls at the end of the game and there was a sudden thud on the ground to my left and a lighter travelled past in front of me. I looked to my left and there was Len laying on the green having fallen onto the grass from the raised section. He stretched out, picked up the lighter and lit the cigarette that was still in his mouth before being helped to his feet.
The Len Bish Trophy was set up in 2007 as the Reg League but renamed in 2008 and is played mid to end of summer months.
Bob C